Painting Under the Oaks at Santee Coastal Reserve WMA

 I took the opportunity to paint this beautiful day on location at the SC Department of Natural Resources Santee Coastal Reserve Wildlife Management Area near McClellanville, SC.

Sunlight lights my canvas as I paint under the oaks
near the Santee Gun Club Clubhouse,
a regional office of the SC Department of Natural Resources.

The subject of my plein air painting is sunlight filtering through the live oaks leading to the historic Santee Gun Clubhouse circa 1908 on the grounds of the former Blake Plantation once the site of large scale rice planting and the first rice mill in SC.

 "Sunlit Oaks"A mix media painting on canvas
 Katherine M Schneider
20" x 24" unframed

Installation of Hampton Plantation Paintings

One of the best things about creating art is sharing the painting process and product with others. I appreciated hearing from a collector who has commissioned artwork of Hampton Plantation for his winter home in Canada. 

Thank you Jim for asking me to create in paint and pigment an impression of your memories of Hampton Plantation.

Artwork of Katherine Schneider Included in Invitational Exhibition at Gibbs Museum of Art for Charleston Artist Guild Exhibiting Members 2014

While you're in Charleston, stop by the Gibbs Museum of Art to see my painting included in an invitational group show for the Charleston Artist Guild Exhibiting Members. Free to the public Sept. 27, 2014 from 9am to 4:00pm. 135 Meeting Street, Chas, SC.
September 27,2014 9am-9pm
9am-4pm Free to the Public
6pm-9pm Reception $25 Members, $35 Non-Members
Location: Gibbes Museum of Art, 135 Meeting Street
The community is invited to engage with the museum from dawn to dusk beginning with yoga led by lululemon King Street. Throughout the day, participants will engage in art making and interactive technology demonstrations while enjoying live music, food trucks, and an invitational exhibit by exhibiting members of the Charleston Artist Guild. The event is free and open to the public from 9am until 4pm.
Gibbs Museum of Art
135 Meeting St.
Charleston, SC
Return to the museum that evening from 6pm until 9pm to celebrate under the stars with Holy City Brewing in the courtyard, music from Coffee, The Bluestone Ramblers, and Machine.
Tickets must be purchased for the evening portion of the celebration and will be available at the door.

Katherine M. Schneider Painting On Location "En Plein Air" in the SC Lowcountry 2014

"Painting from life (plein air) is not copying the subject. It is realizing one's sensations"  
               Paul Cezanne  19th cen. french painter

Paul Cezanne states a reason I choose to work from life  "en plein air" as the french called this method of painting.   In addition to being surrounded with the sights and sounds of the location,  when I'm painting plein air, changing conditions of  light and weather force me to work quickly, producing a more direct and I think interesting statement of my subject. 

Come join me in the following photos as I paint on location in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

Katherine Schneider working in a coastal wetlands area of SC.
"Shifting Shadows"
Charcoal and pan pastel on Arches paper

Painting a sunny day on a tidal marsh
oil on canvas

A  plein air nocturne using led lights on my easel
"Blue Moon"
oil on canvas panel

Sunset on former rice fields, Santee Delta
Mixed media on Arches paper

Last light on the Magnolia Plantation Manor House
"Magnolia Plantation"
Oil on canvas

Painter Katherine Schneider painting dock side.
Working near the ocean requires sunblock and a sturdy easel to hold steady in the sea breeze.

Working by a Lowcountry tidal creek I always use a butane bug repelling device
to keep mosquitoes off me and out of my paint (they're attracted to the oil binders).

Painting a full moon rising over Bulls Bay.
The moonlight is bright enough to see by, but led lights
are needed to illuminate the shaded surfaces of my palette and canvas. 

My pochade compact painting gear
in a Charleston garden.
Drawing the character of an ancient live oak
in the forest on the road to Eldorado Plantation.
My impression of the afternoon light thru the cypress trees
at the old Washo Reserve of the former Blake Rice Plantation.

Painting a moonlit evening on the lake.

To see more paintings and drawings by Katherine Schneider please visit the artist's website :

"Paint Your Own Work of Art at Hampton Plantation" Painting Class Instructed by Katherine Schneider Scheduled by Hampton Plantation State Historic Site

A painting class instructed by artist Katherine Schneider has been scheduled at Hampton Plantation Historic Site for Saturday May 17, 2014. The class geared toward beginning students, has been organized to reduce the pressure of drawing and focus more on color and painting techniques. At the end of class participants will be able to take home their unique painting of Hampton Plantation created on site. All materials provided with registration fee.  

For information and registration please contact Hampton Plantation Historic Site online at: or by phone (843) 546-9361.

Hampton Plantation Mansion
Hampton Plantation State Historic Site
1950 Rutledge Rd. McClellanville, SC 29458

Plein Air Painting at Hampton Plantation - Spring 2014

Charcoal Drawing by Katherine Schneider
Hampton Plantation State Historic Site
Beautiful weather made for a wonderful afternoon at Hampton Plantation.

As I worked on my charcoal drawing, the afternoon sun filtering through the ancient Washington Oak cast soft shadows on the Spanish moss as it swayed in the afternoon breeze.

Hampton Plantation Historic Site Park Manager Mr. Dale Purvis and his daughter came over to visit and see my afternoon's artwork.
Mr. Dale Purvis, Hampton Plantation State Historic Site Park Manager
and his daughter Miss D. Purvis, age 3

Upon viewing the drawing, Miss Purvis commented "It's a pretty picture of my house".  I couldn't ask for a better review of my artwork "Hampton Plantation - Spring Breeze".  

"Hampton Plantation - Spring Breeze"
by Katherine Schneider
Charcoal and Pastel
11" x 14"

A Plein Air Painting of Cypress Trees In a Managed Wetland at the Santee Coastal Reserve - March 2014

It was a great day to be plein air painting on location at Santee Coastal Reserve WMA in the SC Lowcountry.

Just a sheet of paper, paint, brushes and lots of sun
were all that was needed to record my
impressions in a painting of moss draped cypress trees
on a warm winter day at Santee Coastal Reserve WMA. 

Bright, sunshine, and no bugs - rare for this area of managed wetlands, pristine marshlands, and tidal creeks - made for an enjoyable day after weeks of cold, wet weather. 

I had lots of company with the "locals" also enjoying the sunny day, as I worked to paint my impressions of spanish moss swaying in the afternoon breeze in the cypress trees. 

Nearby, an anhinga (snake bird) paused to dry it's wings in the sun. 

An anhinga dries it's wings in the late afternoon sun
before flying off to roost in the trees of the
Washo Reserve.

This small alligator seemed to be grinning
as it warmed itself in the afternoon sunlight.
It blended so well with the muddy bank, I didn't see it
until  I passed close by on the dike footpath.

Even the natives were mellowing in the sun….Although I didn't see this alligator resting on the edge of the path, my presence nearby didn't seem to disturb it. The resting reptile didn't move a muscle as I walked quietly on my way. 

Sketching Under the Oaks and Woodpecker Sightings at Santee Coastal Reserve WMA Feb 2014

The recent "polar vortex"and ice storm caused downed trees and limbs among the habitats at Santee Coastal Reserve WMA. The staff has been busy restoring the wildlife management area (WMA) to it's pre-storm condition.

"Smoke, Light and Shadows"
charcoal/pastel on paper

My drawing today, depicts burning debris in a clearing near an avenue of live oaks. The lengthening rays of the setting sun cause interesting patterns of light and shadow through the smoke…

A Pileated Woodpecker landed on a branch above me
while I sketched
at Santee Coastal Reserve WMA
As I sketched, a large pileated woodpecker landed on a low hanging branch over my head. Suddenly bark chips rained down on me from the bird's energetic efforts to dislodge insects from the branch. In full battle mode, I withstood the flying debris to aim my camera skyward and take reference photos of the moment. 

The sight of a male Downy Woodpecker landing nearby searching for food
made my afternoon painting at Santee Coastal even more memorable
A few minutes later, a soft chirping alerted me to the presence of another woodpecker nearby - a male Downy Woodpecker had flown to the tree directly behind my sketching spot. This smaller bird was a bit more wary of my presence, but still provided a few nice photos of his evening's activity looking for food. Both bird encounters have provided inspiration for future paintings.

Paintings and Drawings of the Santee Coastal Reserve by Katherine Schneider on View at the Santee Gun Club

Paintings and drawings by Katherine Schneider
of the Santee Coastal Reserve
on display in the historic Santee Gun Club House
Recent artwork of the Santee Coastal WMA by Katherine Schneider is on display at the historic Santee Gun Clubhouse. The works created onsite over the past year include paintings and drawings of the diverse habitats and wildlife in the SCWMA and the Santee Delta.

Katherine Schneider and her painting "Shifting Shadows"
created on location at Santee Coastal Reserve
February 2014
The artwork has been created and displayed to promote conservation awareness and appreciation of the Santee Coastal Reserve Wildlife Management Area a diverse ecosystem made up of 24,000 acres "including a variety of habitats including upland forests, freshwater, brackish and tidal wetlands and agricultural fields.

The property is composed of Murphy Island, Cedar Island, The Cape, Washo Reserve and adjacent upland habitats. Murphy Island, Cedar Island and The Cape are former rice fields managed for the benefit of breeding migratory and wintering waterfowl, shorebirds and wading birds. Loggerhead sea turtles nest on Murphy and Cedar Islands.

The exhibit "From Dawn to Dusk: Paintings and Drawings of the Santee Coastal Reserve" on view through May 11, 2015 at the Santee Coastal Reserve Clubhouse, 210 Santee Gun Club Rd. McClellanville, SC. Phone (843) 546-6062.