Angel Oak - More Trees to Be Cut ???

Angel Oak has been a source of artistic inspiration for many artists in various forms: music, dance, poetry, folk stories, novels, painting, fine art photography...

It's age, beauty, and size all make a lasting impression that's rare in our modern world.

Sometimes it's important to become involved in the preservation of the natural beauty that inspires and enriches our lives.
A writer to this blog has sent the following comment that I want to pass on.

Emily writes: "Please Come Out on Oct.1, 2008 To Help Save The Angel Oak"
"A meeting of the Board of Zoning Appeals - Site Design Will be held on Wed, Oct. 1, 2008 at 5 pm in the Main Conference Room, 3ed Floor, Charleston County School District Building, 75 Calhoun St. Chas, SC. The following applications will be considered:
A. Application advertised for previous Board of Zoning Appeals - Site Design agendas but not heard due to meeting cancellation or deferral. For information on this application, call 724-3790.
1. Maybank Highway and Bohicket Rd. (Johns Is.) (TMS#279-00-00-142, 248 and 309).
Request a variance from Sec. 54-327 to allow the removal of 11 grand trees ( Ordinance prohibits the removal of trees having a 24-inch or greater diameter at breast height (D.B.H.).

Request a special exemption from Sec. 54-327 to allow the removal of 14 grand trees.

Request a variance from Sec. 54-330 to allow a reduced impervious construction setback near the bases of five (5) grand trees.

Zoned PUD.
Owner: AOV-AOD, LLC and AOD Develop.,LLC
Applicant: HLA, Inc

"Plan on being at this meeting Wed, Oct 1 2008 at 5:00 PM at 75 Calhoun St. 3rd floor, Main Conference Rm. We have to show up at this meeting and tell the Board of Zoning Appeals we say NO to the destruction of these trees.

"Paint Charleston Daily" is about painting in the beauty of Charleston and the SC Lowcountry. While I don't oppose well planned development, I agree with Emily and many other concerned Charleston residents that this developer's request to remove 25 more "Grand Trees" and to increase the encroachment allowance around 5 other "Grand Trees" on the land to be developed around Angel Oak is not in the best interest of Angel Oak or the Charleston community.

Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting: Oct 1 2008
5:00 PM
75 Calhoun St. Chas, SC
3ed floor-Main Conference Rm.
Chas County School District Building

A New Drawing of Angel Oak by Charleston Artist Katherine M. Schneider

The light is softer and the air is sweeter under the sheltering branches of the Angel Oak.
What a wonderful way to spend a fall morning in the Lowcountry.
Today's charcoal and conte drawing of Angel Oak is a welcome change from my plein air painting in oils.
Drawing on location with charcoal and other dry media is a looser, more direct artistic treatment of a subject which helps keep my oil paintings fresh and expressive.
I also enjoy the unique beauty and expressiveness of the artist's "mark making" evident in a Fine Art Drawing.

"The Angel Oak"

Charcoal and Conte on paper
Drawing size: 10.5" x 14"

Here's a link to more of my Live Oak drawings and paintings.

The woods along Angel Oak Rd. are full of red survey markers signaling the soon to be cleared woodlands surrounding Angel Oak Park to make way for high density housing and commercial development.