"The Old Boardwalk to the Creek" A Plein Air Painting by Artist Katherine Schneider

"Springtime in July" could have been the weather forecast today. The unseasonably cool and dry air here in Charleston made painting out by the creek a relaxing event - unusual in this subtropical climate in the summer.

The late afternoon sun casting interesting lights on an old boardwalk out to a fishing hummock on a tidal creek is the subject of my plein air painting. Over the years, I've watched this bluff on the creek grow smaller and smaller as it is being eroded by swift tidal currents. Today I decided it was time to make a painting of it before nature has it's way and the creek reclaims the old boardwalk and the little hummock.

"The Old Boardwalk to the Creek"
Oil on Cradled Panel
Unframed dimensions: 14" x 11"
Price: Sold