Katherine M. Schneider Painting On Location "En Plein Air" in the SC Lowcountry 2014

"Painting from life (plein air) is not copying the subject. It is realizing one's sensations"  
               Paul Cezanne  19th cen. french painter

Paul Cezanne states a reason I choose to work from life  "en plein air" as the french called this method of painting.   In addition to being surrounded with the sights and sounds of the location,  when I'm painting plein air, changing conditions of  light and weather force me to work quickly, producing a more direct and I think interesting statement of my subject. 

Come join me in the following photos as I paint on location in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

Katherine Schneider working in a coastal wetlands area of SC.
"Shifting Shadows"
Charcoal and pan pastel on Arches paper

Painting a sunny day on a tidal marsh
oil on canvas

A  plein air nocturne using led lights on my easel
"Blue Moon"
oil on canvas panel

Sunset on former rice fields, Santee Delta
Mixed media on Arches paper

Last light on the Magnolia Plantation Manor House
"Magnolia Plantation"
Oil on canvas

Painter Katherine Schneider painting dock side.
Working near the ocean requires sunblock and a sturdy easel to hold steady in the sea breeze.

Working by a Lowcountry tidal creek I always use a butane bug repelling device
to keep mosquitoes off me and out of my paint (they're attracted to the oil binders).

Painting a full moon rising over Bulls Bay.
The moonlight is bright enough to see by, but led lights
are needed to illuminate the shaded surfaces of my palette and canvas. 

My pochade compact painting gear
in a Charleston garden.
Drawing the character of an ancient live oak
in the forest on the road to Eldorado Plantation.
My impression of the afternoon light thru the cypress trees
at the old Washo Reserve of the former Blake Rice Plantation.

Painting a moonlit evening on the lake.

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