An Ink Drawing of St. James Santee "Brick Church" circa 1768

A picnic under the old oaks on the grounds of St.
James Santee "Brick Church" (1768) is the subject of today's ink drawing. Since it was too cold and wet to paint en plein air today, I plan to use this sketch to develop an oil painting.

Although St. James "Old Brick Church" now "stands alone among the pines and oaks" of Francis Marion National Forest, once a year on the first Sunday after Easter ancestors of the original congregation and friends gather to worship in this place of " refuge and peace".

Today's beautiful and moving service was lead by The Rev. Jennie C. Olbrych, Vicar of St. James Santee Episcopal Church, McClellanville, SC . The Rev. Andy Morgan from Prince George Winyah Church preached a memorable sermon. Pictured are The Revs. Andy Morgan and Jennie Olbrych and Max Olbrych .

After the service, everyone braved the unseasonably cold weather to enjoy time together eating and visiting on the church grounds under spreading live oaks beside the colonial "Old King's Highway", now a sandy one lane road more often traveled by deer and wild turkey than cars and people.

"Keeping Watch" - A Plein Air Painting of a Biblical Garden on Easter Eve

The Biblical Garden at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is the subject of my plein air painting today.
Painting in this garden designed around images from the Old and New Testament and planted with plants mentioned in the Bible was a meaningful experience.

Today's painting, "Keeping Watch" shows a statue of Mary centered within a cross shaped planting bed divided into 12 squares representing Jesus' disciples. Beyond this is the Old Testament section of the garden with a reproduction of Michelangelo's David set within a boxwood hedge planted in the shape of a Star of David divided into 12 sections commemorating the tribes of Israel.

The garden is planted with plants mentioned in the Bible - Lily of the valley, roses, olive, apple, mulberry, quince, palm, oak, and fig trees, grape vine, pomegranate, and a Jerusalem thorn to name a few.

This Easter Eve, the 12 beds of the cross were planted with bright yellow pansies. What a beautiful sight they were in the afternoon sun with the statue of Mary keeping watch for the dawn of Easter Morning.

"Keeping Watch"
Oil on Birch panel

To see my charcoal drawing of the statue in 2009 click here.

The First Day of Spring - Garden Views from Charleston, SC

Today's blog photos are for Taylor in snowy Boston who blogged to fellow bloggers at Lowcountry Blogs: "Please Feel Free to Send Me Flowers. Springy Ones."

She writes from Boston on March 19th,"I'm looking out the window of my office and there is snow falling...I have had it with winter...I need my flowers to bloom or at least to look like they are about to bloom...".

Well Taylor, I hope it won't depress you way up there in cold, snowy Boston to know that the gardens back home here in Charleston are warm, sunny, and in full bloom.

Yesterday, I was out painting on location at Drayton Hall and Magnolia Gardens where bulbs, bushes and trees are bursting out all over.

Bright colors of red, purple, pink, yellow and Spring green are everywhere. The wind was blowing HUGE clouds of pollen around leaving a layer of yellow pollen on everything in sight.
Although my paintings of the gardens need a bit more work before I post them, I'm posting pic's of the flowers to brighten your day. Hope the snow melts soon.

All the best from bright and blooming Charleston,SC.

Katherine M Schneider Selected as "Artist of the Day" by Daily Painting Site

The Daily Painter's Webring, a website featuring the artwork of over a hundred daily painters, has selected Katherine M Schneider as a "Featured Artist of the Day" for March 13, 2008.

"Reflections" Plein Air Art Work of Magnolia Plantation

oil on birch panel
Price: Sold

The afternoon sun reflecting off the Manor house at Magnolia Plantation into a nearby pond is the subject of today's plein air artwork.

The nearby garden gazebo adds an interesting compositional element to that of the house and surrounding garden seen in the reflecting pond.