"Writing Women Back Into History" Art Exhibit 2010 at the Courtenay Gallery - Medical University of SC

Katherine (Kay) Schneider is an exhibiting artist in the 2010 Women's History Month Art Exhibit "Writing Women Back Into History" at the the Medical University of South Carolina's Courtenay Gallery.
A free opening reception for the exhibit will take place Thursday March 4 from 5:30 to 7:00 pm at the Courtenay Gallery in the MUSC Wellness Center 45 Courtenay Drive, Charleston SC.

The exhibit co- sponsored by MUSC's Office of Student Diversity, Women's Scholars, Women's Club and the Center for Women will run from March 1 - 28, 2010. For information call (843) 792-2146.

Wild Brown Pelican Encounter During Painting trip

This young brown pelican showed up at a local supplies store this morning while our plein air group was preparing for a day painting in a near by fishing village.To the amazement of all, the pelican walked up the path among cars and people to the front doors of the store.

As I walked to my car, the bird followed reaching his long beak up toward the food in my hand. When I held out a piece of shrimp, the bird opened his formidably large bill and took the shrimp from my hand.

Not liking the cooked shrimp, the pelican flew to the hood of my car and tried to drink out of a bottle that had been place there. (I was too shocked to run get my camera to capture that sight!) The young bird, which had been banded, may have been bottle fed and mistook the shape of the Arizona tea bottle for a bottle feeding.
When I got into the drivers seat, the pelican walked up to the windshield and looked in to see what I was doing... which was getting my camera to capture this amazing encounter with a beautiful wild brown pelican who was very friendly.

The pelican seemed to enjoy sitting on the car and was in no hurry to leave. He let me lift him lightly from the car hood and carry him to a safer spot.
Once the pelican was safety off the car, we continued on our way to paint by the creek with the knowledge that naturalists from the Cape Romain Wildlife Center had been called to assist this cold and hungry young brown pelican.

Plein Air Painting in the Southern Snowstorm of 2010

Three inches of snow fell tonight here in Mt. Pleasant on the coast of SC.

The sight of the falling snow inspired me to get out my easel to paint the beauty of this rare moment.

It's an understatement to say that painting in the snow tonight was a "learning experience".

First lesson.. Don't try to paint without cover while the snow is still falling. It seemed so dry at first....

Second lesson: Anchor the easel well into the ground. I usually do but in the excitement of the snowstorm (and the wind had been calmer) I forgot. You can see the predictable result in this picture.

Third Lesson: Snow can turn to rain very quickly...See lesson one about painting under a cover.

With my charcoal sketch on a cold, wet easel I decided I've "learned" enough tonight. I've sketched an interesting composition and have enough reference material to finish the painting in the studio.

For me, the value of plein air painting is as much the "process" as the "product"...

It was a fun painting challenge, but I think Mother Nature won this round.

Either way, it was a beautiful night.

Southeastern Wildlife Expo 2010

The 28th Annual Southeastern Wildlife Exposition is is here.

This weekend the largest wildlife art and nature event in the country will offer various wildlife and art opportunities throughout the Lowcountry.

Although snow is forecast for Friday night, I plan to be out painting and attending events this weekend so I thought I'd post some photos of Lowcountry wildlife from my painting outings this year.

Hope you have a chance to get to Charleston to enjoy the wildlife this weekend too.

Click here for more on Southeastern Wildlife Expo activities....

Roper Art Show 2010

Thanks to all the wonderful folks at Roper Hospital for a great show as a featured artist in their rotating artist exhibition.
Here are some of the show pieces that found new homes.

"Springtime in Charleston"
Oil on cradled panel

"Here Cones the Sun"
Oil on cradled panel

"Mossy Marsh Oak"

"Autumn Pond Reflections"
Oil on panel

"The Little Dancer"

A Charcoal of a Sculpture by Willard Hirsch at the Charleston Childrens' Fountain in White Point Gardens, Charleston SC.

Audubon 13th Annual Backyard Bird Count Feb.12 - 15

The National Audubon Society is asking everyone to join this year's Great Backyard Bird Count Feb. 12 - 15 to count birds in backyards, local parks, and wildlife refuges.

The results of this year's count will help researchers at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the National Audubon Society, and Bird Studies Canada learn how bird populations are doing - and how to help them.

While I've been out painting this week, I've seen brown pelicans like the one pictured here sunning on Jeremy Creek in McClellanville, cormorants, anhingas, mallard ducks, widgeons, and one of my all time favorites - the great white egret.
Click here for more information .

Winter Wolf Moon - An Oil Painting of a Windy Moonlit Night

The first full moon of the New Year is called the "Wolf Moon". The name comes from Native American cultures that believed the added brightness of this full moon caused hungry wolves to be more active.

It's the brightest full moon of the year. Tonight it will be about 14 percent wider and 30 percent brighter than lesser full moons of the year, according to Spaceweather.com.

Here's my painting of this Winter Wolf Moon.. I used a painting knife to keep the painting's surface quality fresh and lively. The loose paint application gives the impression of wind whipped surf and clouds that I experienced on this moonlit night.