Camellias in a Charleston Garden

Winter is the time for Camellias to bloom in Lowcountry gardens. The Coastal Carolina Camellia Society (2009 Show) says there are now over 20,000 named varieties of Camellias with more being introduced every year. With so many new varieties available to gardeners, the older varieties-referred to as heritage or ancient camellias are sometimes overshadowed by the newcomers.

For over 50 years my mother, Rose N. Muschick has diligently collected and cared for an ever growing collection of camellias in her Lowcountry garden. Many of her camellias were gifts from friends who have long since passed away.

I was in her garden today painting some of the many varieties currently in bloom. Here's a painting of a "Camellia in the Rain" that I painted from a flower on a bush that is one of her older, "historical" varieties of camellias. I think the variety was named "Princess".
I've asked several camellia growers if this is the correct name for the variety but they are unsure due to it's age. These camellias look as if they have a gold "crown" rising from the center of the bloom.

A few of her camellia bushes have so many blooms the branches can hardly hold them.
What a cheerful sight in the middle of winter.
I hope these photos of camellias from her winter garden brighten your day. Cheers!

Charleston Artist Guild "Nature's Beauty" Exhibition at SEWE 2009

I'm posting my painting "Beauty and the Beast" which shows an alligator resting in the sun at Magnolia Gardens on the eve of the opening of the Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE) in Charleston.

"Beauty and the Beast"
Size: 17" x 20" framed
Price: Sold Thank you.

For the first time in 27 years, SEWE will include artists from the Charleston Artists Guild (CAG) in an art show and sale entitled "Nature's Beauty" presenting original artwork depicting the outdoors. CAG Director of Exhibitions, Russell Buskirk has done an outstanding job organizing this groundbreaking show with SEWE Art Director, Lindy Shealy.

As an Exhibitions Committee member, I was at the Charleston Marriott's Emerald Ballroom today as artists registered and hung the show. I caught up with CAG Past President Norma Morris Ballentine and Buskirk who were busy hanging paintings and discussing the show. Both artists are exhibiting new works focusing on the Lowcountry.

Artists participating in the show organize their artwork before the opening of the 27th Annual Southeastern Wildlife Exposition Feb. 13 - 15, 2009.

If you're in the area this weekend, be sure to come out and see the creativity and variety of the artwork in the CAG Art Exhibition "Nature's Beauty" at the Charleston Marriott.