"Autumn Pond Reflections " A Plein Air Painting by Charleston Artist Katherine M Schneider

The autumn colors are beautiful by the ponds, roadsides and marshes in the Lowcountry this week.

Today's painting "Autumn Pond Reflections" captures the bright reflections of a marsh pond as the afternoon sun adds a warm glow to the reds, yellows and orange of the season.

"Autumn Pond Reflections"
Mixed media on canvas panel
17"x 20"

"Marsh Sky" A hand carved woodcut painting by Katherine M. Schneider

Here's my interpretation of a Lowcountry marsh scene hand carved into a birch wood panel. Portraying the vaporous clouds with the sharp marks of the carving knives and chisels was an interesting challenge.

The effect of both the carved marks and the black and white painting on oriental rice paper gives a popular subject a fresh, contemporary look.

"Marsh Sky"
Hand rubbed woodcut painting on oriental rice paper

Image dimensions: 12"h x 18"w
Paper dimensions: 15" h x 25.5"w
Price: $275.00

"Lowcountry Field Cabin"- A woodcut printed painting

Here is woodcut image of a typical cabin used for many purposes on farms and plantations in the old South. This type of building may have been used for housing farm hands, as a kitchen building or for storing farming equipment.

I thought the image of the cabin sheltered by ancient live oak trees made a statement about things that endure through time and hardship.

"Lowcountry Cabin"
Hand printed woodcut painting on Hosho paper
Image size: 6" x 9"
Hosho paper dimensions: 8.5" x 11.5"
Price: $85.00

To see more of my woodcut artwork, Click "Woodcut painting" here or in the Art Categories list at the right of this page.

(This is an artist's proof of a small series of hand printed paintings of this image.)

"Paint Charleston Daily" selected as "South Carolina Web Site of the Day"

"Paint Charleston Daily" fine art blog
(http://paintcharlestondaily.blogspot.com) has been selected as the "South Carolina Web Site of the Day" for Nov. 15, 2007 by the South Carolina Information Highway.

Thanks for the recognition SCIway.net.

Check out the useful information provided by this web based resource for South Carolina at http://www.sciway.net.

A unique and interesting feature at SCIway is the "Web Cams" section. Here you have access to live web cameras throughout SC sending images from an amazing assortment of public and private sites including sky cams, highways, roads, bridge coverage, state parks, and much more. In Charleston alone there are over 40 web cams listed.

Tribute to Willard N Hirsch published in an article for the Preservation Society of Charleston by J Michael McLaughlin

The "Little Dancer" statue at the Children's Fountain in White Point Gardens (The Battery) is one of Charleston's most endearing landmarks but it's history (click here for more on history of statue) like that of it's creator Willard N. Hirsch remains unrecognized to many residents and visitors.

This significant oversight in a city proud of it's artistic and civic heritage is explored for the members of The Preservation Society of Charleston in a recent article by J. Michael McLaughlin entitled "In Search of Willard Hirsch".

I was pleased to be asked to contribute my photos of Mr. Hirsch for Mr. McLaughlin's article on the artist published in the current issue of "Preservation Progress" (Fall 2007/Volume 51).

In the article, Mr. McLaughlin states that "no plaque or marker identifies her (the Little Dancer statue) by name or acknowledges her multi-talented creator." The author continues"...it may be that a whole generation of young Charlestonians has grown up never having heard his name. He is an integral part of the Holy City's important artistic heritage and it's time (again) for Willard Hirsch to get his due."

I couldn't agree more. Having apprenticed in his studio, I observed Mr. Hirsch at work producing significant artwork in the latter years of his long and distinguished career.

I always felt fortunate to have the opportunity to work with an artist of Mr. Hirsch's stature.

At that time (1970's), he was greatly sought after for public and private commissions. His significant body of work (click here for a link to the Smithsonian Institution Archives of American Art listings for 35 of Mr. Hirsch's sculptures) had established him firmly as one of the premier artists in the region.

Willard Hirsch in front of one of his many custon designed
fresh and saltwater aquariums at his studio on Exchange St. 1979. 

Interior view circa 1979 of Hirsch's Charleston studio at 2 Exchange St
with his work in bronze, wood, terra cotta, and plaster on display.

The lack of documentation about his prominent life and career is of serious concern for those who are interested in accurately preserving the record of Charleston's artistic heritage.

"Just Hangin' Around" A Pastel Portrait by Katherine M. Schneider

A Boy. A Tree. What could be more natural on a Saturday afternoon than...

"Just Hangin' Around"
16"x 20"
Pastel on archival sanded paper

The Winter Gardens at Historic Magnolia Plantation

It was a beautiful day for exploring the winter beauty of the gardens and grounds at Historic Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, SC http://www.magnoliaplantation.com.

I was at the plantation today preparing for an upcoming event in which I, along with other exhibiting artists of the Charleston Artist Guild have been invited to paint original artworks showing Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in it's winter beauty.

The well known colors of springtime azaleas, wisteria and other summer flowers have changed into lovely reds, yellows and golds in the garden for the fall and winter seasons.

Pyracantha bushes with their bright red berries are a feast for both the eyes and the birds.

I saw delicate flowers on early blooming Camellia japonica bushes. In the 1820's, the first camellias were planted at Magnolia Gardens. By the late 1970's, the garden included nearly 900 varieties.

The grounds of Magnolia Plantation also include a beautiful plantation house, , gift shop, zoo and nature center, outdoor cafe and a Lowcountry swamp area adapted for viewing wildlife, The Audubon Swamp Garden.

This afternoon, livestock grazed in the afternoon sun as bright and sassy peacocks wandered freely around the grounds.

Also enjoying the beauty of the grounds was a group of painters participating in a plein air artist's workshop.

It was a lovely afternoon spent wandering the fields and garden paths of the winter garden at Magnolia Plantation. I'm looking forward to the artistic possibilities to create interesting artwork of the scenic and historic gardens at Magnolia Gardens during the winter growing season.

For further information about the event activities, including the show and sale of original artwork inspired by the 2007/2008 Winter Gardens, artist workshops, plein air painting, and camellia walks, contact Magnolia Gardens at http://www.magnoliaplantation.com.