A Plein Air Painting of the Restored Bandstand in White Point Gardens by Katherine Schneider

White Point Gardens was a great place to paint today. The park was full of activity as children hunted for Easter eggs, blankets were spread for picnics, and everyone enjoyed the sunshine by the harbor.

The newly renovated Bandstand looked lovely with it's lowered platform and fresh paint.

"What's Old Is New Again"
The Bandstand at White Point Gardens
Oil on cradled birch panel
Plein air painting by Katherine Schneider

"View of a Charleston Alley" Painting on Location in Historic Charleston

Spring is finally here. Today was a beautiful day painting in this quaint alley in the historic French Quarter of Charleston. Our city is a great place to walk, especially in the spring when all the gardens start to bloom.

Little alleys like the one in my painting are hidden gems just waiting to be explored!
"View of a Charleston Alley"
Oil on canvas panel
8" x 10"

"Marsh Creek Reflections" Plein Air Painting by a Lowcountry Creek

A bright blue sky with cumulus clouds reflecting in a tidal marsh creek was the subject of today's plein air painting.

Lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 70's made it a great day for painting on location near Edisto Island, SC.

As I painted, I noticed that young green grass has started to push up through the brown reeds of winter.
Soon the marsh will change from the winter brown into the fresh green of new growth for Spring.
"Marsh Creek Reflections"
Oil on canvas panel
8"x 10"

Plein Air Painting On Location at the Charleston Waterfront

Grey skies turned sunny during a morning of plein airr painting in Charleston.

For anyone who knows Charleston, can you guess where I'm painting today? Hint: It's in on the Cooper River right near the spot "where the Ashley and Cooper Rivers meet to form the Atlantic Ocean".

You're 100% correct if you guessed Waterfront Park between the Splashing and Pineapple Fountains.

"Lowcountry Oyster Boat" Plein Air Painting in a SC Fishing Village

Windy conditions on the creek made painting on location chilly this March afternoon.

Quick placement of values and color notes was important in the plein air painting of this boat because of the rapidly changing water level in the tidal creek.

This weathered oyster boat is a favorite subject of mine to paint.
I like to imagine all the time it's spent traveling the creeks and marshes in all kinds of weather harvesting Natures bounty.

"Lowcountry Oyster Boat"
Oil on panel
11" x 14"

Spring Fever Replaces Frost Bite for Plein Air Painting in Charleston March 2010

What a difference a couple of weeks makes. Just a short while ago, I was painting in the snow from the same spot that this afternoon brought out shorts and a case of spring fever.

Temperatures reached the 60's with warm and sunny skies and a light breeze off the lake. Perfect weather for plein air painting or ..... not.

Even a serious outdoor painter is susceptible to being seduced by Nature on a winter afternoon like this. So I gave it my best shot until a mockingbird started singing right above me adding more enticement to "do research for my art" by relaxing and absorbing all the sights and sounds of this unseasonable warm afternoon.

In the famous words of Scarlet O'Hara "...after all, tomorrow is another day...".

"Writing Women Back Into History Art Exhibit " Reception at Courtenay Gallery MUSC March 2010

The reception for the "Writing Women Back Into History Art Exhibit" at the Courtenay Gallery in honor of Women's History Month at The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) was a well attended, festive event.

The evening provided guests with new artworks by a select group of regional women artists, live music, good food, wine and stimulating company.

Babes Gergulis (left) and her daughter Lisa (rt) discuss "The Little Dancer" with exhibiting artist Kay Schneider (center).

The "Writing Women Back Into History" Art Exhibit and reception are co sponsored by MUSC Women's Scholars, Office of Student Diversity, Woman's Club and the Center for Women.