"Bright Night-Fair Weather" A Pastel Painting of the Coastal Carolina Fair

Twilight is a magical time at the Coastal Carolina Fair. The bright colors of the rides and attractions fade with the daylight and are replaced with the even brighter colors of the neon lights at night.

If possible. the level of excitement seems to go up a notch as the sun goes down. The bright colors blend with music, laughter and the tempting smell of cotton candy and elephant ears (hot, fried cinnamon pastries- not the real animal for those of you who don't live in the South) offering delights for all the senses.

A day at the Coastal Carolina Fair is something to be remembered and looked forward to all year long.
For fair dates and activities visit http://www.coastalcarolinafair.org

"Bright Night - Fair Weather"
16" x 12" pastel
Framed in gold leaf
Framed dimensions: 21.5"x 17.5"
Price: $275.00

Coastal Carolina Fair- Youth Art Show 2007

Fall is time for the always popular Coastal Carolina Fair in the Lowcountry. For the past 51 years, the Exchange Club of Charleston has organized the fair to the delight of
Lowcountry families.

A few years ago (I won't say how many) as a young Moultrie High School art student, I won my first public art awards in the Youth Art Show at this fair. I've never forgotten the thrill and excitement of receiving this early recognition for my art work.

For the past 12 years, my husband and I have had the pleasure of sponsoring an award in this same Youth Art Show "to recognize outstanding talent as well as to encourage the further growth and development of promising young artists".

Congratulations to this years winners of the Schneider Art Awards: McKenzee Campbell, Weston DeWolff, Christine Klinor, Greg Kurtzman, Lucy Rummler, John Henry Tecklenburg, and Hanna Trussler.

It's always exciting to see the creativity and skill displayed by all the student artists exhibiting in this well attended art exhibition. While you're at the Fair, be sure to come by the Fine Arts Building to see these young artists' works. A complete list of the 2007 Youth Art show award winners may be found at http://www.coastalcarolinafair.org/2007_youth_art_winners.html .

For further information about the Coastal Carolina Fair go to http://www.coastalcarolinafair.org.

"Afternoon Light, St. Phillips Church" by Charleston Artist Katherine M. Schneider

Painting today at the corner of Church and Queen Streets provided a great vantage point for lots of uniquely Charleston experiences.

The afternoon sun flooded Church St. highlighting the beautiful steeple of historic St. Phillips Church.

In addition to enjoying bright blue skies and wonderful fall weather, I had a chance to hear the beautiful sounds of the pipe organ of the nearby French Huguenot Church during an afternoon wedding ceremony.

I was showered with the wedding party's festive bubbles as the wind shifted and sent a cloud of shining spheres my way. One wedding guest later asked if I had bubbles on my painting!
I enjoyed talking with wedding guests as they stopped by my easel after the ceremony.

The afternoon sped by quickly with the passing of horse drawn carriage tours and frequent stops from locals and visitors enjoying the afternoon in our historic city by the sea.

Historic Church St. Painting by Charleston Artist Katherine M. Schneider

Still charming after almost 200 years, this historic Church St. home was a pleasure to paint today. The graceful sweep of the garden gate and stately front entrance brightly lit by the morning sun made a "very Charleston" scene.

I was told the fragrant jasmine vine surrounding the front door is wonderful to see and smell when it blooms in the spring.

The timeless beauty of this historic Charleston home is a reminder of the importance of historic preservation in this and other cities. For many years, Charleston has been a leader in the United States in the fight to preserve and protect endangered historic properties.

A plein air painting of the Benjamin Phillips Catherine Jeffries House circa 1818.

"Morning Light on Church Street"
Oil on panel
11" x 14"