"Pirate Adventure"

The excitement of pirates and adventure on the high seas is the subject of this painting.

Sitting astride an authentic 18th century cannon in a setting that once was the site of real pirate activity, this child's play comes close to being historic re-enactment.

Many pirates including Stede Bonnet aka "the Gentleman Pirate" came to justice in Charleston during the colonial era near the location of present day White Point Gardens at the Battery on Charleston Harbor.

"Pirate Adventure"
Watercolor 15" x 11"

"Respect for Hero's Past" Painting of Gen. Moultrie Monument by Charleston Artist Katherine M. Schneider

Charleston's newest monument honors Revolutionary War hero Gen. William Moultrie. The statue faces the Charleston harbor and Historic Fort Moultrie, where he lays at rest.

For this painting, I chose a view from behind the monument with the statue looking out toward the harbor he helped defend at a critical time in our countries history.

I also felt it was important to include figures of visitors to the monument honoring Gen. Moultrie's memory by reading about his heroic efforts to secure our freedom and independence during the American Revolution.

"Respect for Hero's Past"
Oil on panel 10" x 8"
Price: $175.00

Painting at White Point Gardens today was a nice contrast to yesterday's rain shower. It was sunny and a cool breeze from the harbor made it a great day to paint outside.

The oleander bushes are in full bloom adding their summer color to the year round beauty at this spot where" the Ashley and Cooper Rivers meet to form the Atlantic Ocean" as Charlestonians are fond of saying.

As I painted, I met visitors from all over our country and Great Britain who were also enjoying the weather, history, and beauty of Charleston.

Weather like this makes it great to visit our historic city or for a local to get out and "Paint Charleston Daily".

"Summer Shower - Battery Park " A Daily Painting by Charleston Artist- Katherine Schneider

Summer rain showers brought out brightly colored umbrellas today at the Battery and White Point Gardens. The park was named White Point Gardens partly because of the white, sun-bleached oyster shells lining it's pathways and because it was built on the site of an old oyster bank.

In the painting, a young family waits for a break in the storm as their son perches on a mound of Civil War cannon balls, a favorite spot for climbing whatever the weather.

"Summer Shower - Battery Park"
Oil on panel 8" x 10"
Price: $175.00

"Torch of the French Huguenot Church: Symbol of Holy Fire" A Painting by Charleston Artist -Katherine M. Schneider

In "Torch of the French Huguenot Church: Symbol of Holy Fire" an 10" x 8" oil painting of the French Huguenot Church , the use of complementary colors and architectural design elements makes a strong artistic statement in a compact space.

For more information about the Charleston French Huguenot Church and this painting click the links here (4/23/07) and here (10/20/07).

"Torch of the French Huguenot Church: Symbol of Holy Fire"
Oil painting on birch panel
Size: 10" x 8"

"David- Robin Hood" A portrait of a young horseman

This is a sunny portrait with a timeless theme -The joy of childhood and youthful high spirits. Add to the excitement of the moment the fact that the young sitter is on horseback (well just a pony seems like a lot of horseflesh when you're 5 yrs. old) and you have all the right elements for a good time and a good painting.

"David-Robin Hood"
22" x 23"
Watercolor on Arches paper
Price: Sold

"Seagulls Circling the Trawler Carolina" by Charleston Artist Katherine Schneider

Another day in paradise as I paint in the shade by the mouth of Shem Creek at Charleston Harbor.

The shrimp trawler "Carolina", sporting the Magwood fleet colors of orange and green, was tied up by the Wando Shrimp Co. dock today.

I had a chance to talk with crew member Le Pierce about shrimping. Le is a local boy, the son of Legrand and nephew of Gill Guerry, who is also a talented artist.

Trawlers use the triangle shaped metal "bow tie" as a day signal to warn other boaters to steer clear of their submerged nets. A green center light is used to signal trawling with the nets at night.

Although from shore these trawlers look picturesque, for the men like Le who make their living shrimping, these boats are hot, hard work.

Shrimp caught in coastal Carolina waters are the Best tasting Shrimp in the World! I'm having fresh, local shrimp for dinner tonight while I enjoy my new painting of "Seagulls Circling the Trawler Carolina". "Seagulls Circling the Trawler Carolina"
Oil on cradled panel 11" x 14"
Price: $375.00

"Shrimp Shack on Geechee Dock, Shem Creek" by Charleston Artist Katherine M. Schneider

"Shrimp Shack on Geechee Dock, Shem Creek"
11" x 14"
oil on cradled panel
Price: $375.00

I spent the afternoon in the bushes painting this view of the buildings and trawlers at the Geechee dock on Shem Creek.
I liked the contrast of the red roof against the blue sky, which is slightly grey due to passing summer rain clouds.

Geechee culture in the Lowcountry developed from some of the same influences as the Gullah culture in the past. Calling this dock "the Geechee dock" refers to its use by local fisherman with roots in the Geechee culture.

Fresh shrimp and blue crabs caught locally by the fisherman on the trawlers are sold here daily.

Plein Air Painting Shrimp Boats on Shem Creek

Shem Creek is the home port of commercial fishing boats and shrimp trawlers. It's also a favorite spot to eat fresh seafood while watching the boats on the creek.

Today, I painted on these busy docks, trying to create paintings in quickly shifting light conditions and coping with the "technical difficulties" that come with plein air (on location) painting.

"Shem Creek Shrimp Trawlers"

11" x 14" oil on cradled panel
Price: $375.00