New Moon - New Year 2009

This is the view I had from my back porch tonight New Year's Eve 2008. It's a beautiful crescent new moon with Venus (the planetary star) seen in the evening sky over the SC state tree, the Palmetto - a scene beloved by many South Carolinians including me.

There's a lot going on, so I 'm posting this "fine art photograph" in lieu of a painting tonight.

There are several exciting art events coming up in January and February. Check back soon for details about new artwork and shows in 2009, including the Magnolia Winter Festival which will include two separate art exhibits and plein air painting at the Plantation's house and grounds.

Thanks for viewing my blog this year and I wish you all the best in 2009.

Christmas Lights -Creative Holiday "Art Installations"

I enjoyed doing a little "extra research" for my painting in progress of Christmas Lights on Shem Creek" by visiting the amazing holiday art installation in the yard of Santa's twin, Eddie Brown.

Every Christmas, Eddie and his wife Nancy brighten the town of Mt. Pleasant with their creative display of holiday lights at their home.
This week, I was one of the many visitors who was inspired by the Brown's warm holiday spirit and decorations.Thanks for the candy cane, Nancy and Eddie!

Merry Christmas to y'all and everyone else who brightens the holidays with festive lights for all to enjoy.

Christmas Lights on Shem Creek in the Charleston Lowcountry

For years the docks at Shem Creek have been the best place in town to get local seafood - fresh off the boats.

Shem Creek remains a popular place to eat seafood and watch the boats come in, although these days the boats are more often pleasure craft than working trawlers.

At Christmas, many boat owners decorate their boats with holiday lights for the annual "Parade of Lights" in Charleston Harbor.

I'll post my painting of the sparkling lights reflecting in the dark waters of Shem Creek soon.

What a classic Lowcountry Christmas scene.

"Christmas Lights on Shem Creek"
Pastel on grey sanded panel

"Spicy Christmas Treats" A Pastel Painting by Charleston Artist Katherine M Schneider

Have you ever smelled an orange studded with dried cloves? The wonderful, spicy fragrance is a favorite at Christmastime.

In Colonial days, the clove studded fruit was allowed to dry out and then used in linen presses as a fragrant pomander the rest of the year.

In my painting "Spicy Christmas Treats", I used the directional lines of the cloves to add interest and variety to the composition.

The oranges in the painting will add a fresh fragrance to my home and studio throughout the holiday. I've also found that they make much appreciated gifts.

If you have the time, try making one. Pierce an orange with an ice pick or other sharp object to get through the rind, then push in a piece of dried clove. The more cloves you use, the more fragrant the pomander. Enjoy!

"Spicy Christmas Treats"
Pastel on paper
Painting dimensions: 8" x 10"
Framed dimensions: 11.5"x 13.5"
Price: $250.00

Charleston Christmas Lights Brighten the Night and the Season

The annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony took place in Marion Square tonight to the delight of children of all ages.

Countless Christmas trees of all shapes and descriptions shone in the night at Marion Square.

Christmas trees decorated by children from many of the Charleston area schools lined the paths in the park.

The glow from the Christmas lights can be seen all the way to the North Pole and beyond.

A walk into the "Christmas Tree of Lights" was a popular spot for picture taking and "twirling".

The effect of being surrounded by hundreds of bright Christmas lights is not to be missed.

Spinning in circles inside the lights was a dizzying delight for many visitors under the tree tonight.

It's a great start to the Christmas Season in Charleston for young and old..
Merry Christmas!