"Summer Shower - Battery Park " A Daily Painting by Charleston Artist- Katherine Schneider

Summer rain showers brought out brightly colored umbrellas today at the Battery and White Point Gardens. The park was named White Point Gardens partly because of the white, sun-bleached oyster shells lining it's pathways and because it was built on the site of an old oyster bank.

In the painting, a young family waits for a break in the storm as their son perches on a mound of Civil War cannon balls, a favorite spot for climbing whatever the weather.

"Summer Shower - Battery Park"
Oil on panel 8" x 10"
Price: $175.00


Barros said...

bright colors for what looks like a rainy day. looks nice. i rememeber climbing on those cannon balls as a kid. bring bac old memories

Katherine M Schneider said...

My son used to climb on them too when he was younger. Thanks for checking out my blog.

Kay Schneider

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