Willard Hirsch's "Little Dancer" bronzes and a bas-relief portrait of Katherine M Schneider

Here is a photo of a bronze casting of the smaller version of Willard Hirsch's popular "Little Dancer". These bronze figures were cast in Marietta, Ga at a foundry to Mr. Hirsch's exacting specifications.

One morning a shipment of the bronzes arrived at Mr. Hirsch's Queen Street studio from the foundry in Ga. As I unpacked the figures under Mr. Hirsch's watchful eye, he placed them on his modeling stand for inspection..

With all his Little Dancers lined up on the stand, Mr. Hirsch looked like a choreographer joyfully directing the dance.

Although not one to allow his picture to be taken often, on this occasion, the artist allowed me to photograph this wonderful moment of the sculptor enjoying his creation.

Although I have several of Mr. Hirsch's works, none means more to me than the terra cotta bas relief portrait he gave my husband and me as a wedding present in 1982.

Like others who had the privilege of having Willard Hirsch create their portrait, I consider this artwork a family treasure.

Bas relief portrait of Katherine Muschick Schneider by Willard N. Hirsch circa 1982

Terra cotta on cradled wooden panel
     Medallion: 11.25" diameter
     Backed size: 17" h x 16" w


joan said...

Those little ones are just darling!

Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

I agree with you Joan. They are precious and are some of Mr. Hirsch's best loved and most recognized work.

Thanks for the comment.


Mary R said...

What a joy to see your art, to read and learn from your commentaries and to see the glorious bas relief done by Willard of you!. You are so very gifted and you use your gifts so humbly and well.. God Bless you,

Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

Thanks for your kind remarks, Mary. They're much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Where can I get one of those little bronze figures? Are they still available?

Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

You might be able to find one by contacting a Fine Art Gallery or auction house. I've been told that no new figures of the Little Dancer will be made.

Good luck in your search.

Art Guild Guy said...

I heard that some of the little figures might be made by a art museum in Chas.

Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

I spoke with the owner of the copyright to the "Little Dancer" figure.
They said that according to Mr. Hirsch's wishes, no more bronze castings of the figure will be made.

Ranitk said...

Actually We have one of the Little Dancers that we are looking to sell if anyone is interested please let us know. We love your art and this site! thank you for sharing your talent with us all.

Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

Hi, Ranitk,
Glad you like the blog. The positive feedback is appreciated.

If you're interested in selling your figure of Willard Hirsch's "Little Dancer", I suggest you contact one of the Charleston art galleries that deals in artwork from The Charleston Renaissance Era such as The Charleston Renaissance Gallery at http://www.fineartsouth.com .

How and when did you get your "Little Dancer"?

Ranitk said...

It came from my good friends mother in law a very long time ago. She was a long time resident of the Charleston area and was on the board at Ashley Hall School.

Mary R said...

Hello Kay,
When was the "Little Dancer" statue made and when was it placed in the park?
I lived in Charleston as a 6-9 year-old from 1958-1961 and seem to remember the delightful statue in the park during that time period. Am I correct? We returned to Charleston in 1965 and I lived there until 1980 often visiting the Battery Park and visiting the statue. It must have been because my Mother, Helen T. Pstrak, is an artist that she must have cared about knowing who the sculptor was and spoke of him with admiration and affection when she told me that the lovely "Little Dancer" statue was sculpted by Willard Hirsch. I seem to remember knowing this fact from a young age. It delighted me whenever I visited the Battery Park. It emanates such joy de vivre. After experiencing a sculpture that touched my heart as a child, it may have inspired me to love sculpture and art the rest of my life. I work at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. I have always looked forward to taking my children, now ages 23 and 21, to see my dancing friend whenever we came home to Charleston for a visit from Fort Worth, TX.

Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

Hi Mary,
The "Little Dancer" Statue at the Children's Fountain in White Point Gardens was cast in bronze and installed in the park in 1962. The statue and fountain were dedicated "to all the children of Charleston" by a generous Charleston benefactor.

Thanks for your comments about visiting the statue with your artist mother and the influence these visits had on your lifelong love of sculpture and art.

I agree that the statue "emanates a joie de vivre". It also served as the City of Charleston's official symbol during the National "Year of the Child " Celebration.

Thanks for visiting the blog and adding your interesting personal comments.
It's always nice to hear from friends in high places :).

Johnson Hagood said...

I have one for sale, believe it or not. Please contact me at Carolina Galleries, 106-A Church St., Charleston, SC, 29401. info@carolinagalleries.com

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