"Spicy Christmas Treats" A Pastel Painting by Charleston Artist Katherine M Schneider

Have you ever smelled an orange studded with dried cloves? The wonderful, spicy fragrance is a favorite at Christmastime.

In Colonial days, the clove studded fruit was allowed to dry out and then used in linen presses as a fragrant pomander the rest of the year.

In my painting "Spicy Christmas Treats", I used the directional lines of the cloves to add interest and variety to the composition.

The oranges in the painting will add a fresh fragrance to my home and studio throughout the holiday. I've also found that they make much appreciated gifts.

If you have the time, try making one. Pierce an orange with an ice pick or other sharp object to get through the rind, then push in a piece of dried clove. The more cloves you use, the more fragrant the pomander. Enjoy!

"Spicy Christmas Treats"
Pastel on paper
Painting dimensions: 8" x 10"
Framed dimensions: 11.5"x 13.5"
Price: $250.00


Vera H. said...

Lovely painting. I adore the smell of oranges and cloves. Nice seeing you and your husband Monday night.

Here's the NYT review of Thais, which the library will show on 1/17/09. I'm looking forward to it.


Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

Hi Vera,
Good to hear from you. The oranges this year seem extra plump and fragrant - all the better to make into pomanders!

Thanks for the NYT review of "Thais". We've put it on the calender.

Merry Christmas.

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