"Winter Garden Camellias I " A painting by Charleston Artist Katherine M Schneider

With the total number of named varieties of camellias as high as 20,000 (and still growing), it's often hard for even seasoned experts to identify individual blooms.

I was told by members of the Coastal Carolina Camellia Society that the larger pink flower in my painting is a Flossie Goodson camellia. The smaller bloom is either a heritage camellia or seedling bloom.

Whatever their names, they're a delight to admire and paint in a winter garden.

With over 200 years of cultivating camellias in the Lowcountry, we have an amazing display of these beautiful flowers in our yards and gardens.

"Winter Garden Camellias I"
oil on canvas
8"x10" image dimension
14.5"x 17.5" dimension with gold frame
Price: Sold

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Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

To see another camellia painting, "Camellia in the Rain", go to the Art Category list at the right side of this page. Click on the word Camellia in the list to see more flower art.
Thanks for looking.

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