Flag Day on Sullivan's Island - A Photo Essay by Charleston Artist Katherine M. Schneider

American Flags were flying all over Sullivan's Island as I painted on the beach today. This island that has seen so much military action in it's history, is proudly celebrating Flag Day 2008. I'm posting photos from Sullivan's Island where flags can be seen flying on street posts, in yards, on the beach, porches and harbor side flag poles.

Near Fort Moultrie, the"Stars and Stripes"waves in a strong sea breeze among a group of palmettos, the state tree of South Carolina.

The afternoon sun highlights flags on the road to Fort Moultrie, one of two historic forts that make up Fort Sumter National Monument,
a division of the National Park Service.

Sullivan's Island Baptist Church reflects the bright afternoon sun while a flag billows in the sea breeze.

This Sullivan's Island beach cottage displayed the original SC State Flag (blue field with a white crescent in the upper left corner) along with a Colonial era American flag on the front porch. A contemporary US flag is seen on the street in front of the home.

Another island home sports porch bunting, red, white, and blue bows and an American flag on the street.

One Sullivan's Island resident displayed a variety of flags in their yard.

The flags on display represent some of the many branches of the military that have served on Sullivan's Island over the years.

These are pictures of the flags in the yard shown above.

"Oh say does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave 'ore the land of the free and the home of the brave..." The Star Spangled Banner composed in 1814 by Francis Scott Key.

Our country is facing many complicated and deeply challenging issues but I still feel fortunate to live in the USA where we have more freedom and opportunities than many in other parts of the world.

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