Face to Face with Art at the Coastal Carolina Fair Youth Art Show 2008

Face to face with art.
A brightly painted face was seen enjoying the brightly colored paintings at the Coastal Carolina Fair Youth Art Show.

Wesley King (lf to rt) and his cousin Arianna sported festive face paint as they picked out their favorite artwork during the last night of the 2008 Youth Art Show.

Justin Disher, Christopher Martin, and Taylor Childress (lt to rt) came to see the painting

"Four Way Still Life" by their friend Pinewood Preparatory School artist Samantha Freedman.

Lori Zinger- show attendant answers questions about the artwork for visitors. With over 600 entries in this years show, Lori was helpful finding artwork for the many visitors to the Show.

The Youth Art Show is a wonderful opportunity for local art teachers and student artists to exhibit their talents to a large audience. Last year the attendance at the Coastal Carolina Fair was over 200,000 visitors.

Bright lights and high spirits shine at the end of the 2008 Coastal Carolina Fair.

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