Christmas Pomanders - Fragrant and Festive Symbols of Prosperity and Good Luck

Have you ever smelled the spicy fragrance of clove studded oranges? The wonderful fragrance of citrus and cloves filled the air as I worked on this painting of "Spicy Christmas Treats".

For my painting, I made orange pomanders by piercing fresh oranges with whole cloves. Click here for more about making pomanders.

Next, I positioned the orange pomanders on a plate so that the pattern of cloves made an intersecting line with a red bow and candy cane. This strengthened the painting's composition by using both line direction and color contrast in the center of interest also called the "focal point".
I used a cool greenish gray background to contrast with the warm red and orange colors of the fruit and candy. In art as in life, contrasting elements add impact and interest. The important thing is to keep it all in balance.

Clove studded fruit has been a favorite holiday tradition since the 15th century. England's Queen Elizabeth I was reported to have always worn a pomander. Read more about the history of pomanders at this link.

In the ancient customs of Europe and China, oranges have been given as New Years gifts to symbolize a wish for prosperity and good fortune.
With this painting of orange pomanders, I too wish you peace, prosperity and good fortune in the New Year.

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