Painting in the Moonlight

Painting outside en plein air is always a challenge. Shifting weather conditions and rapidly changing light are only a few of the problems to be considered when painting on location. Recently I decided to take on an even more challenging task - Painting outside in the dark to study the subtle effects of moonlight on the landscape.

I had a great evening painting in the moonlight even though I wasn't sure of what the paintings looked like til I got back to the studio.
I decided to work on a larger than usual (16 x20") canvas. It felt good to paint in a larger plein air format but I had to mix and paint faster to get the job done before the light changed.
I also finished a second smaller painting of the full moon seen through swaying fronds of SC's state tree - the palmetto.
I look forward to more painting in the moonlight - It's an exciting challenge to try capture in paint the subtle beauty of the moon!


Michel McNinch said...

LOVE THIS IDEA! Nice to see that you are still very actively posting to your blog. I need to be more consistent.

Michel McNinch said...

p.s. See you at Piccolo Spoleto

Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

Nice to hear from you, Michel. Happy Painting!

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