"The Dolphing Watchers" an oil painting by Katherine M. Schneider

Few creatures in the ocean inspire as much pleasure and excitement as dolphins. My painting, " The Dolphin Watchers" captures a moment when three women on the beach near Fort Moultrie spot wild dolphins in Charleston Harbor.

As they shield their eyes from the afternoon sun, one girl points to the spot she's just seen the dolphins surface, another strains to see these beautiful, playful creatures, as a third tries to capture the memorable moment with her camera. The energy and excitement of their encounter with the dolphins is conveyed in my painting by their body positions and the use of  bright colors in the summer sunshine.  

"The Dolphin Watchers"
Oil on canvas panel
10" x 10"


Rui Luo said...
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Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

Hi Rui Luo,
Sorry your remark was acidentially removed during a blog update. I'm glad you feel my painting "The Dolphine Watchers" reminds you of the warmth and enjoyment of a day at the beach. Thanks for your comment. Kay

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