Great Weather for Plein Air Painting In the SC Lowcountry

My painting and easel  set up on a quiet country road.
As the light faded, a family of deer wandered across the road.
They move soft as shadows.

Sunlight filtering through live oaks on a country road and cool fall weather made for great painting in the ACE basin today.  I'm working on a larger canvas (36"x48") that will take several painting sessions to complete. 

Pictured here is my custom made canvas panel with an under painting of neutral grey-green and dark tones. Next, I'll work on developing abstract light and shadow patterns in the trees. It's often useful to simplify a subject with this much visual "information". Including too much detail will weaken the overall design and cause the painting to look cluttered. 

 I'm working to create a painting about softly filtered sunlight and sheltering live oaks on a road less traveled. A scene of timeless beauty increasingly hard to find ...

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