Paintings and Drawings of the Santee Coastal Reserve by Katherine Schneider on View at the Santee Gun Club

Paintings and drawings by Katherine Schneider
of the Santee Coastal Reserve
on display in the historic Santee Gun Club House
Recent artwork of the Santee Coastal WMA by Katherine Schneider is on display at the historic Santee Gun Clubhouse. The works created onsite over the past year include paintings and drawings of the diverse habitats and wildlife in the SCWMA and the Santee Delta.

Katherine Schneider and her painting "Shifting Shadows"
created on location at Santee Coastal Reserve
February 2014
The artwork has been created and displayed to promote conservation awareness and appreciation of the Santee Coastal Reserve Wildlife Management Area a diverse ecosystem made up of 24,000 acres "including a variety of habitats including upland forests, freshwater, brackish and tidal wetlands and agricultural fields.

The property is composed of Murphy Island, Cedar Island, The Cape, Washo Reserve and adjacent upland habitats. Murphy Island, Cedar Island and The Cape are former rice fields managed for the benefit of breeding migratory and wintering waterfowl, shorebirds and wading birds. Loggerhead sea turtles nest on Murphy and Cedar Islands.

The exhibit "From Dawn to Dusk: Paintings and Drawings of the Santee Coastal Reserve" on view through May 11, 2015 at the Santee Coastal Reserve Clubhouse, 210 Santee Gun Club Rd. McClellanville, SC. Phone (843) 546-6062.

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