"St. John's Lutheran Church from the Unitarian Churchyard " Charleston, SC.

St. John's Lutheran and the Unitarian Church have been neighbors on Archdale St. in Charleston for almost 300 years.

The bell tower in today's painting is that of St. John's, the oldest Lutheran congregation in SC. The red roofed building is the Unitarian Church, whose congregation has been at this location for nearly 3 centuries. The churches and churchyards are as different as they are close.

St. John's churchyard is kept formal and closely tended.
The Unitarians believe in the unity of all creation and prefer to have their churchyard in a more natural state.

The grounds here are a free growing mixture of flowers, bushes, climbing vines and native trees, presided over by a self appointed church cat named "Pumpkin". (See the posting for Thurs. April, 26 "Good Company and Art Work at the Unitarian Churchyard".)

For many years, visitors to Charleston have enjoyed the beauty of these adjoining churches and grounds.

"St. John's Lutheran Church from the Unitarian Churchyard"
Oil painting on birch panel 14" x 11"
Price: Sold

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