"Wedding Chairs on the Beach" - A plein air landscape by painter Katherine M. Schneider

These beach chairs are a magnet for people. Every time I start a painting of them, someone comes up and sits in them when I'm half way into the painting. I look up and suddenly my empty chairs are full. This has happened three times.

The second couple who filled the chairs asked if they were "in the way of my painting the red roof house". When I replied that the chairs were the subject of my painting, they obliged by taking a walk before returning to sit and visit. They told me they had been married in the chairs here on the beach at this, their favorite vacation "get away" spot.

It is a beautiful spot to relax by Charleston harbor and watch the ships pass Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter.

If I paint there again, I'll start by adding imaginary figures and wait til somebody shows up (as usual) to fill the chairs. It's nice to see them so well used by beach goers, but I like to think of them as "The Wedding Chairs".

"Wedding Chairs on the Beach"
Oil on canvas panel 11" x 14"
Price: $375.00

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