"Afternoon Light, St. Phillips Church" by Charleston Artist Katherine M. Schneider

Painting today at the corner of Church and Queen Streets provided a great vantage point for lots of uniquely Charleston experiences.

The afternoon sun flooded Church St. highlighting the beautiful steeple of historic St. Phillips Church.

In addition to enjoying bright blue skies and wonderful fall weather, I had a chance to hear the beautiful sounds of the pipe organ of the nearby French Huguenot Church during an afternoon wedding ceremony.

I was showered with the wedding party's festive bubbles as the wind shifted and sent a cloud of shining spheres my way. One wedding guest later asked if I had bubbles on my painting!
I enjoyed talking with wedding guests as they stopped by my easel after the ceremony.

The afternoon sped by quickly with the passing of horse drawn carriage tours and frequent stops from locals and visitors enjoying the afternoon in our historic city by the sea.


Katherine M Schneider said...

Here's an interesting bit of history about the beautiful pipe organ I heard playing at the French Huguenot Church.

"It's tone is similar to the Baroque organs for which Bach and Handel composed.
Installed in 1845, it was carved in the style and shape of a Gothic chapel.
It was built by the leading American organ builder of the first half of the 19th century, Henry Erben.

After the fall of Charleston in 1865, federal soldiers dismantled the organ and were loading it on a New York-bound ship when the pleas of the organist, Mr. T. P. O'Neale, and some influential friends saved it." (http://www.frenchhuguenotchurch.org)

I'm so glad it was saved in it's original setting for future generations (including me) to enjoy.

Just wanted to pass on this interesting bit of history about the church.


Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

To see more plein air paintings of historic churches in the Lowcountry, click "Historic Charleston Churches" in the Art Categories listing in the right side bar of this page.
Thanks for looking.

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