"Marsh at Flood Tide" A Painting by Charleston Artist Katherine M. Schneider

In the Fall, the full moon often causes unusually high tides in the Lowcountry. I spent the afternoon today painting this tidal effect by former rice fields now turned back into marshes.

A beautiful full moon flood tide lasted for much of the afternoon, making my attempt to capture this marsh scene easier than last time.

The painting began with a toned canvas panel on which I sketched the composition with burnt sienna oil paint.

Once I had completed this stage, I quickly painted in medium values of warm and cool local colors.

I completed the painting by adding highlights in the marsh grass and working on the reflections in the water of the foreground.

"Rice Fields at Flood Tide"
Oil on canvas panel
Dimensions: 11" x 14"
Sold Thank you.

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Geechee boy said...

Beautiful. Nice sky reflections in the water.

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