The Winter Gardens at Historic Magnolia Plantation

It was a beautiful day for exploring the winter beauty of the gardens and grounds at Historic Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, SC

I was at the plantation today preparing for an upcoming event in which I, along with other exhibiting artists of the Charleston Artist Guild have been invited to paint original artworks showing Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in it's winter beauty.

The well known colors of springtime azaleas, wisteria and other summer flowers have changed into lovely reds, yellows and golds in the garden for the fall and winter seasons.

Pyracantha bushes with their bright red berries are a feast for both the eyes and the birds.

I saw delicate flowers on early blooming Camellia japonica bushes. In the 1820's, the first camellias were planted at Magnolia Gardens. By the late 1970's, the garden included nearly 900 varieties.

The grounds of Magnolia Plantation also include a beautiful plantation house, , gift shop, zoo and nature center, outdoor cafe and a Lowcountry swamp area adapted for viewing wildlife, The Audubon Swamp Garden.

This afternoon, livestock grazed in the afternoon sun as bright and sassy peacocks wandered freely around the grounds.

Also enjoying the beauty of the grounds was a group of painters participating in a plein air artist's workshop.

It was a lovely afternoon spent wandering the fields and garden paths of the winter garden at Magnolia Plantation. I'm looking forward to the artistic possibilities to create interesting artwork of the scenic and historic gardens at Magnolia Gardens during the winter growing season.

For further information about the event activities, including the show and sale of original artwork inspired by the 2007/2008 Winter Gardens, artist workshops, plein air painting, and camellia walks, contact Magnolia Gardens at

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