"Bright Night-Fair Weather" A Pastel Painting of the Coastal Carolina Fair

Twilight is a magical time at the Coastal Carolina Fair. The bright colors of the rides and attractions fade with the daylight and are replaced with the even brighter colors of the neon lights at night.

If possible. the level of excitement seems to go up a notch as the sun goes down. The bright colors blend with music, laughter and the tempting smell of cotton candy and elephant ears (hot, fried cinnamon pastries- not the real animal for those of you who don't live in the South) offering delights for all the senses.

A day at the Coastal Carolina Fair is something to be remembered and looked forward to all year long.
For fair dates and activities visit http://www.coastalcarolinafair.org

"Bright Night - Fair Weather"
16" x 12" pastel
Framed in gold leaf
Framed dimensions: 21.5"x 17.5"
Price: $275.00


Odojain said...

I love going to the fair. Got to go at least twice, once for the food and once for the rides. The kids artwork is nice and the whole place is fun to be at, day or night.

Katherine M Schneider said...

Hi Odojain,
Sounds like you've got your fair visits all planned out.
I agree the food is amazing as are the rides.

Have fun!

Fred H. said...

Boy, this really captures our favorite time at the fair. We really love it when its starting to get dark and the lights come on on the midway. Time to take a break from rides and get some fair food.

Katherine M Schneider said...

Hi Fred,
I'll be the person in the food line right behind you :)

My family loves the Fair's gyros, teriyaki chicken sticks, turkey drumsticks, Goose Creek Band Boosters homemade chicken soup (also a fav with the traveling carnies), fried Moonpies, and of course - the elephant ears. So many choices, so little time!

Thanks for stopping by the blog.

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