The First Day of Spring - Garden Views from Charleston, SC

Today's blog photos are for Taylor in snowy Boston who blogged to fellow bloggers at Lowcountry Blogs: "Please Feel Free to Send Me Flowers. Springy Ones."

She writes from Boston on March 19th,"I'm looking out the window of my office and there is snow falling...I have had it with winter...I need my flowers to bloom or at least to look like they are about to bloom...".

Well Taylor, I hope it won't depress you way up there in cold, snowy Boston to know that the gardens back home here in Charleston are warm, sunny, and in full bloom.

Yesterday, I was out painting on location at Drayton Hall and Magnolia Gardens where bulbs, bushes and trees are bursting out all over.

Bright colors of red, purple, pink, yellow and Spring green are everywhere. The wind was blowing HUGE clouds of pollen around leaving a layer of yellow pollen on everything in sight.
Although my paintings of the gardens need a bit more work before I post them, I'm posting pic's of the flowers to brighten your day. Hope the snow melts soon.

All the best from bright and blooming Charleston,SC.


Heather said...

This was so sweet. Thank you.

Taylor said...

Thank you, Katherine!! These pictures are lovely and it inspired me to close my eyes and remember how absolutely amazing Charleston is this time of year. I can feel the warm breeze and see the amazing flowers the buds quivering to open.

Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

Glad y'all liked the pic's. I too find the first flowers of spring an inspiration.


Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

To see my paintings of camellias and other garden flowers, click on the Art Category-"Flower painting" in the right side bar of this page.
Thought you'd be interested. Thanks for looking.

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