"Keeping Watch" - A Plein Air Painting of a Biblical Garden on Easter Eve

The Biblical Garden at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is the subject of my plein air painting today.
Painting in this garden designed around images from the Old and New Testament and planted with plants mentioned in the Bible was a meaningful experience.

Today's painting, "Keeping Watch" shows a statue of Mary centered within a cross shaped planting bed divided into 12 squares representing Jesus' disciples. Beyond this is the Old Testament section of the garden with a reproduction of Michelangelo's David set within a boxwood hedge planted in the shape of a Star of David divided into 12 sections commemorating the tribes of Israel.

The garden is planted with plants mentioned in the Bible - Lily of the valley, roses, olive, apple, mulberry, quince, palm, oak, and fig trees, grape vine, pomegranate, and a Jerusalem thorn to name a few.

This Easter Eve, the 12 beds of the cross were planted with bright yellow pansies. What a beautiful sight they were in the afternoon sun with the statue of Mary keeping watch for the dawn of Easter Morning.

"Keeping Watch"
Oil on Birch panel

To see my charcoal drawing of the statue in 2009 click here.


J.R. Baldini said...

What a great place to paint.
I was in Charleston last spring but, must have missed these gardens.

Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

Maybe you'll have a chance to visit Charleston again this spring when you're in SC to teach your plein air workshop in Myrtle Beach.

The Charleston area has many beautiful and varied places to paint, as you probably know from your visit last spring. Thanks for stopping by the blog.


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