Ancient Middleton Oak Breaks Branches and Wedding Plans

The famous Middleton Oak , a 500 year old Live Oak tree at one of the oldest formal gardens in America made news this week when two of it's massive branches came crashing to the ground blocking garden paths .

Emergency measures are being taken to stabilize the remaining branches on this landmark tree which has been designated a "Constitution Tree", indicating it's status as a tree dating from that period in US history.

Throughout it's long life it has served as a trail marker for Native Americans, a shelter for early colonists and planters, and more recently a popular location for couples from around the country to have their weddings.

Today as I was at Middleton Place working on a commissioned painting, I met Shari and Matthew who were looking at the beautiful but now unsafe tree they had come all the way from Chicago to be married under this weekend.

They originally had been told the area under the tree would be cleared and ready in time for their weekend ceremony but recently found out that more time will be needed to stabilize the great tree.

So after a kiss for good luck, they were off to search for another live oak for their ceremony.

They were disappointed but agreed that it was better for the branches to have fallen sooner rather than possibly during their ceremony... and there are no shortage of other beautiful trees to be married under at Middleton Place.

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