"Lexye in Strawberry Fields" A Pastel Painting by Katherine M Schneider

"Lexye in Strawberry Fields"
Pastel on arches paper
12" x 16'

Spring in the Lowcountry is the time for picking fresh strawberries right off the plants in the fields of several farms open to the public.

This painting of a smiling young girl with hands full of newly picked strawberries buried deep in her lap for safekeeping, is a reminder of happy times spent close to nature.


Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

To see more pastel artwork, click "Pastel Painting" in the Art Categories List at the right of this page.

More portraits may be seen by clicking "Portrait Art" in the same Art Category List.

Thought you'd be interested. Thanks for looking.

Hap9Fin said...

What a cute child. I like the feeling of sunshine in the painting.

My family will be visiting Chas soon. Where can my kids and I pick strawberries in Charleston?

Katherine Schneider said...

Thanks for checking out the blog. Glad you liked the painting and will be coming to Charleston for a visit.

You asked where your family can pick strawberries during your visit to Charleston.

In the Lowcountry area (which includes Charleston), there are several u-pick farms that plant strawberries.

Boone Hall Farms in Mt. Pleasant is one and Patriot Farms near McClellanville, SC is another.

Hope you have a great trip and enjoy your strawberries!

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