Alligator in the Sun -A New Painting by Charleston Artist Katherine M Schneider

"Beauty and the Beast"- A sunning alligator in a garden pond
Image size: 11" x 14"
Price: Sold Thank you.

The painting
"Beauty and the Beast" shows an alligator relaxing in a warm, sunny spot by a statue of a young girl at a Magnolia Gardens pond.

Today's news story of two teenagers illegally binding and abducting an alligator with nylon rope and duct tape, made me want to paint an alligator in a natural setting.

With more and more of their habitat being destroyed for new development, alligators are more frequently being forced to seek new territory - often to their peril.

Thankfully, here in the Lowcountry there are still areas where these prehistoric survivors can live in the wild unharmed.

When seen from a respectful distance, there's an undeniable fascination and beauty to these wild creatures that we often mistreat out of fear.

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almost70 said...

I love your painting! Love the colors. I am an artist too, and surprisingly just sold an alligator painting. The second and third images are photos, aren't they.

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