"Easter Vigil" A Charcoal Drawing of a Biblical Garden Statue

I sketched in the Biblical Garden at Magnolia Plantation on the day after Good Friday, surrounded by plants that are mentioned in the Bible. This small formal garden is a hidden gem tucked into one of the largest Romantic Gardens in the country. It's the second year I've painted here on the Saturday after Good Friday.

"Easter Vigil" is a charcoal drawing of a statue of Mary standing in the center of 12 small square flower beds designed to form the shape of a cross. The 12 flower beds are symbolic of the 12 Disciples of Christ.

The deep shadows and sharp contrasts in my charcoal drawing make me think of Mary as she watched and prayed on that dark day before The Resurrection.

"Easter Vigil"
Charcoal, pastel and conte drawing on paper
Dimensions: 14"x 10.5"


Christopher Hall said...

Wow! Love the charcoal! Very powerful!

Let's Paint Nature said...

I love this idea and I love your sketch. Great job.

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