A new painting of St. Michael's Church by Charleston Artist Katherine Schneider

I enjoyed painting historic St. Michael's Church in the early morning sun as the bells from the steeple chimed the time as they have for centuries.

St. Michael's Church, situated at the "Four Corners of Law" in Charleston, is the oldest church building in the city. Both President George Washington in 1791 and General Robert E. Lee in 1861 attended worship services at St. Michael's during visits to the city. Although the entire steeple sank 8" as a result of the earthquake 1886, the steeple clock remains the oldest functioning colonial tower clock in the country.

"When Morning Gilds the Skies - St. Michael's Church Charleston"
Oil on panel
11"x14" unframed
Price: $475.00
When the painting was on view at a recent exhibit, a comment was made that "angels" could be seen in the brushwork of sky above the church. What a wonderful impression to be seen in a painting of a church building that has withstood wars, fire, earthquakes and  hurricanes throughout it's long history in this city by the sea.


lisa h. said...

this is gorgeous!

Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

Thank you, Lisa.
Kay Schneider

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