A Plein Air Painting of Cypress Trees In a Managed Wetland at the Santee Coastal Reserve - March 2014

It was a great day to be plein air painting on location at Santee Coastal Reserve WMA in the SC Lowcountry.

Just a sheet of paper, paint, brushes and lots of sun
were all that was needed to record my
impressions in a painting of moss draped cypress trees
on a warm winter day at Santee Coastal Reserve WMA. 

Bright, sunshine, and no bugs - rare for this area of managed wetlands, pristine marshlands, and tidal creeks - made for an enjoyable day after weeks of cold, wet weather. 

I had lots of company with the "locals" also enjoying the sunny day, as I worked to paint my impressions of spanish moss swaying in the afternoon breeze in the cypress trees. 

Nearby, an anhinga (snake bird) paused to dry it's wings in the sun. 

An anhinga dries it's wings in the late afternoon sun
before flying off to roost in the trees of the
Washo Reserve.

This small alligator seemed to be grinning
as it warmed itself in the afternoon sunlight.
It blended so well with the muddy bank, I didn't see it
until  I passed close by on the dike footpath.

Even the natives were mellowing in the sun….Although I didn't see this alligator resting on the edge of the path, my presence nearby didn't seem to disturb it. The resting reptile didn't move a muscle as I walked quietly on my way. 

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