Good company and art work at the Unitarian Churchyard

The Minister and Sexton stopped by to visit and tell interesting tales about the churchyard on their way into the church for a 5:00 wedding rehearsal.

I learned of the self appointed church cat, Pumpkin, who returned by himself to live in the churchyard after his owner moved with him from the neighborhood. Now Pumpkin earns his keep by catching rodents and greeting visitors to the churchyard.

The Marble Monument in my painting is a 19th century memorial for Pastor Samuel Gilman. I was told it's missing a large interior urn which was knocked over and broken by a late night drunken visitor whom the sexton found passed out in the parish hall next door. The urn will be replaced soon. I'll have to return to paint the monument when it' s been replaced.

I also was treated to lively tales of a happy childhood spent playing in this "secret garden" 50 yrs. ago by the church organist 's husband who lived in the area 55 years ago. It was a wonderful afternoon to paint and visit.

Today's painting uses diagonal shapes to direct the viewer's eye up the path in the lower foreground to the smaller cross and across to the center of interest in the upper left corner. The setting sun adds drama to the lighting and a brilliant bank of red azaleas makes a bright color accent behind the monument for Pastor Gilman. (A left click on the picture brings up a larger view.)

I hope this painting takes the viewer on a relaxed stroll up the path into this "Secret Garden" tucked away in the heart of a busy, historic city

"The Secret Garden"
Oil on canvas panel

Painting dimensions: 14" x 11"

A photo of the framed painting is available upon request.

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KM Schneider said...

A friend from many years ago sent me the following email after seeing this posting. "I was the Sexton of the Unitarian Church from 1979 to 1981 or '82. It was a great place to spend those 3 or 4 years. George Exoo was the minister at that time....I loved hanging out in the churchyard and on moonlit nights taking friends up into the church tower for a fabulous view of charleston!

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