"Stella Maris from the Sea" A View from the Harbor

I painted this 14"x 11" painting in the late afternoon to show the effect of the setting sun on the distinctive and beautiful architecture of this historic, seaside church.

I used
cadmium colors on the stucco of the church to give the the impression of the warm last rays of the setting sun lighting up the church tower before nightfall. The alla prima (painted all at once) technique gives the painting a fresh, spontaneous look. I think I'll leave the few sand gnats that got stuck in the oil paint for a special effect.

I titled the painting "Stella Maris from the Sea" because this view of the church is one seen from the harbor. A fitting view for a church named "Star of the Sea".

Oil on canvas panel 14" x 11"
Price: Sold

I've set up my easel on a side road that leads to the Charleston Harbor. Last week I was painting the church from inside nearby Fort Moultrie, and was accidentally locked inside the when the fort closed for the night. So today I picked a much more visible painting location.

The photo of the sunset at the top of this blog page was taken from the same spot-only I turned around to face the harbor and the setting sun.


Anonymous said...

not bad. this is a good start for a blog page.

Katherine M Schneider said...

I hope this is the first of many interesting posts.
Hope you'll check back frequently.

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