Coastal Carolina Fair- Youth Art Show 2007

Fall is time for the always popular Coastal Carolina Fair in the Lowcountry. For the past 51 years, the Exchange Club of Charleston has organized the fair to the delight of
Lowcountry families.

A few years ago (I won't say how many) as a young Moultrie High School art student, I won my first public art awards in the Youth Art Show at this fair. I've never forgotten the thrill and excitement of receiving this early recognition for my art work.

For the past 12 years, my husband and I have had the pleasure of sponsoring an award in this same Youth Art Show "to recognize outstanding talent as well as to encourage the further growth and development of promising young artists".

Congratulations to this years winners of the Schneider Art Awards: McKenzee Campbell, Weston DeWolff, Christine Klinor, Greg Kurtzman, Lucy Rummler, John Henry Tecklenburg, and Hanna Trussler.

It's always exciting to see the creativity and skill displayed by all the student artists exhibiting in this well attended art exhibition. While you're at the Fair, be sure to come by the Fine Arts Building to see these young artists' works. A complete list of the 2007 Youth Art show award winners may be found at .

For further information about the Coastal Carolina Fair go to


Paul H. said...

What a wonderful thing to support young peoples efforts in the arts. I'm sure that the current winners will keep the memory as long as you have of your award. I am a Lowcountry resident and never miss a chance to go to the fair. I always enjoy walking through the arts and crafts displays.

Katherine M Schneider said...

Hi Paul,

I agree, it is fun to see what's new in the arts and crafts building. I also love seeing the livestock and petting the rabbits. Who knew there were so many varieties of rabbits- and they're all right there to be seen in the Agricultural Building.

Thanks for your comments and for checking out my blog.


Tom J. said...

seein this blog reminded me of the one time my schools art teacher put my work into the fair cause she said it looked good. its always fun to go to the fair. There is so much food and lots of rides to go on. It is really a fun place to be and i have a lot of fond memories of that place.

Katherine M Schneider said...

Hi Tom,
I'm glad your school's art teacher entered your artwork in the fair. A lot of credit needs to go to all the hard working art teachers who go "the extra mile" to prepare their students artwork for the show,often delivering and picking it up on their own time.

Without their hard work on behalf of their students, the show wouldn't be the success it is.

Thanks for checking out my blog. Hope you're still keeping up with your artwork.

All the best,

Katherine M Schneider said...

Check out my pastel painting of the Fair, "Bright Night, Fair Weather" posted Oct. 26.

Thanks for looking!

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