A Charcoal Drawing of a Mossy Live Oak

Few things are as relaxing as sitting under an ancient live oak watching the Spanish moss sway in the breeze as sunlight shines through the leafy canopy.
Ancient Live Oaks seem to have a magic all their own. It's in their leaves and branches and huge, twisting trunks. It's in the grey moss and soft, filtered sunlight moving on the ground underneath. Live Oaks are one of Nature's best creations.

After a busy holiday season, drawing in the peace and quiet of this oak lined dirt road at Magnolia Gardens was a real pleasure.

I hope you too will feel the relaxing effect of the swaying Spanish moss in this plein air drawing of an ancient oak at Magnolia Plantation.

"A Mossy Live Oak"
Charcoal drawn on paper
Image size: 14"x 11"
Framed dimensions: 17" x 20"


Dave Linder said...

That's a really nice, lively drawing. Coincidentally, we got one of those "Tourist in Your Town" passes last weekend and I think we are taking the kids and heading to Magnolia and possibly Middleton on Sunday - hopefully I'll get a moment to poke around and do a few drawings. There's a great exhibit going on at the Gibbes right now that we visited last weekend.

Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

Hi Dave,
Great idea to take the family out to Magnolia and Middleton this weekend. The weather Sat. should be perfect for sketching. Maybe I'll see you out there.

shreyas said...

really nice drawing.............keep it up

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