Dolphin Picassos?

Yesterday David commented on the painting "Dolphin Watchers" adding remarks about dolphins in a research center in Fla. called Dolphins Plus ( who paint.

I checked the site and read about two dolphins who have been "playing with paint and expressing themselves in a new way"- with artistic creations.

The dolphins enjoy being given brushes with paint which they hold in their mouthes and make deliberate designs on an art board. They swim back to look at their creations between strokes which vary from "broad slashes to carefully crafted circles."

It's an interesting story and another sign of dolphin intelligence. Check it out!


Ed Terpening said...

Dophin artists, that's wild--but why not? I recall elephants in India doing the same. They were profiled on 60 minutes some years ago.

Katherine M Schneider said...

Hi Ed,
Nice to have you visit. I've got your blog "Life Plein Air" bookmarked as a favorite. Congratulations on your recent award at the Vahona Plein Air Paint Out for your painting "Trash Day". I think "First Avenue" looked like a winner too.
Painting dolphins and now painting elephants. Amazing!

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