My Blogging Cat or Why Tech Support Prefers the Mouse

Creating a blog post can be a challenging activity. Some days the words and ideas flow easily. Other days - not so much. Either way, I always have to cope with my ever eager, computer blogging cat.
Today I'm posting a picture of my feline tech support, Sullivan.

The minute I sit down to work, Sullivan shows up to assist.

Between hogging the view of the computer monitor and making a grab for the mouse, Sully manages to dodge all attempts to dethrone him from his post. Pushing a cat is like pushing water. I've learned to sometimes "go with the flow".

Although determined to persevere in his computer activities with the monitor and mouse, Sullivan has learned that pawing the keypad and deleting posts results in a very loud, annoying scream that is to be avoided at all costs.

It's an acceptable compromise between two strong wills. Now if I can just get him to take up Daily Painting...

Dolphins paint. Elephants paint (See comments by California painter Ed Terpening on post for Aug 20). And today I found a site that exhibits art work created by cats ( This gallery even has a section on "how to spot forged cat paintings". I guess you wouldn't want to buy an original painting by a famous cat artist that was forged by a dolphin...

Now if I can just get my blogging cat to paint...

This post is for my husband who will enjoy seeing his favorite cat online while he remains hospital bound. Cheers, Dana!

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