"A Lack of Communication" A Slice of Life Painting by Charleston Artist Katherine M. Schneider

Cell phones and concrete surfaces don't mix well. My cell phone was a recent victim of a fall onto concrete. The result? A major lack of communication.

Just one of those days, a slice of life that made it's way onto a panel as a post card size daily painting.

"A Lack of Communication"
Oil on panel 6" x 4"
Price: $75.00


Mary said...

What a great conceptual piece, Kay!!! It looks as though a limp body is the victim in the base of your cell phone. You are more than just a "representational" artist, you go beyond what one sees.

Thanks for all of your encouraging comments on my blogsite. I really appreciate them.

Artistically yours,

Katherine M Schneider said...

This one was fun and challenging to paint!

I used my left hand holding the small painting panel as the model for my hand holding the broken phone. Lucky the two objects were about the same size.

An artists hand makes a great, portable, easy to store easel. Talk about simplifying.

Thanks for your input, Mary.

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