"Dolphin Watchers" Spotting Wild Dolphins in Charleston Harbor

Few creatures inspire as much pleasure and excitement as dolphins. Today's painting, "Dolphin Watchers" captures the moment when three figures on the beach near Fort Moultrie spot wild dolphins in Charleston Harbor.

As they shield their eyes from the afternoon sun, one figure points to the spot she's just seen the dolphins surface, another strains to see these beautiful, playful creatures, as a third tries to capture the memorable moment with her camera.

"Dolphin Watchers"
Oil on canvas panel


david said...

Dolphin Picasso's?
Check out the article and photo of dolphins in a research facility in the Fla. Keys playing with paint.
Painting has become a thoroughly enjoyable experience for both the dolphins and the trainers. The researchers foresee a very colorful future for these and other budding dolphin Picasso's!
The dolphins look forward to being given paint brushes loaded with paint that they then hold with their teeth and make sweeping stokes and swirls on a art board. Two of the dolphins have a distinct approach to their artwork. Amazing!

Katherine M Schneider said...

Hi David,
Thanks for the info about the dolphins who paint. Can't wait to check this one out.


Katherine M Schneider said...

To see another painting from the beach "Cool Waves, Hot Day", go to the side bar at the right, click August in the "Blog Archives" section, then scroll to the post for August, 14.

Thanks for looking.

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