Charleston Waterspout

Reports today (6.07.09) of a waterspout spotted over the water in Charleston reminded me of a similar sighting I had of another waterspout in Charleston.
I'm posting artwork I created from my impressions of the waterspout I sighted in Charleston Harbor several years ago. This etching (or "printed painting") is one in a group of artworks I made entitled "The Storm Series". In creating the etching "Waterspout", I used value changes and broad, diagonal strokes to express my impression of the wind and ominous cloud formations I experienced viewing the event.

Although waterspouts rarely last more than a few minutes, cause widespread damage, or make landfall, they are still an alarming natural event. The sight of a large, churning funnel cloud heading toward land is a unnerving and memorable sight - even for a "hurricane hardened" viewer like myself.

Variable wiped zinc plate etching on rives BFK paper
Image size: 27.5" x 25.5"
Framed size: 39" x 32"
Price: $450.00

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