A White Ribbon Tribute to Master Blacksmith Philip Simmons

Master Blacksmith/Artisan Mr. Philip Simmons' passing at age 97 has resulted in plans to honor his long and productive life in the SC Lowcountry. For many years Charleston has proudly recognized the talents of this native son who has spent a lifetime creating beautiful ironwork for local homes and gardens.
In his honor, the city is hanging white ribbons on all of Mr. Simmons public ironworks.

While Mr. Simmons's beautiful downtown gates and decorative public ironwork are widely known, he also produced many smaller, less recognized works such as the wrought iron handrails designed for "Afterglow", the Mt. Pleasant home of the Muschick family.

When asked if he would accept a modest project at the home, Mr. Simmons replied to Mrs. Rose Muschick that "no project is too small". "That's what I do" was his cheerful reply.
The resulting pairs of graceful wrought iron handrails have been beautiful additions to this home and garden for many years.

In his honor at his passing, the family has hung white ribbons on these two pair of smaller but greatly admired and appreciated wrought iron handrails designed and installed by Mr. Simmons and his apprentice.

He will live on in the memory of those who admire him and his distinctive artwork in iron.

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