A Plein Air Charcoal Drawing of Hampton Plantation

This charcoal and mixed media drawing of Hampton Plantation was created in the shade of the magnificent Washington Oak on the grounds of the Hampton Plantation Historic Site.

In the drawing, the graceful curve of the live oak tree in the foreground leads the viewer's eye through overhanging branches swaying with Spanish moss to the portico of the mansion. The last rays of the afternoon sun cast a soft light on the white columns and front steps inviting the viewer to come and rest a while on the porch.

Hampton Plantation was given to the South Carolina State Park Service by SC Poet Laureate Archibald Rutledge and his family in 1971. The mansion was built in the 1740's with the addition of a beautiful Adam style portico (porch) modeled after Hampton House in England in 1791.

The Live Oak tree in my drawing is called "The Washington Oak" in honor of President George Washington. During his visit to Hampton Plantation in 1791, the President was asked if he thought the tree blocked the view from the newly built portico. Washington replied that he like the tree and it was saved.

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Christopher Hall said...

Beautiful painting, Katherine! I love the foreground elements, leading line and the shadows brought out by the soft light.

A Friend of Hampton Plantation said...

Like your painting of one of my favorite spots. I always enjoy sitting on the portico looking out at The Washington Oak.
I'm a member of "Friends of Hampton Plantation", an organization whose members care and support the efforts of the SC Park Service to maintain the history and beauty of Hampton Plantation.
New members are always welcome. Please consider joining:
Friends of Hampton Plantation
1950 Rutledge Rd.
McClellanville, SC 29458

Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

Thanks for visiting the blog and your comments, Christopher and "FoHP". I'm now a new member of the Friends of Hampton Plantation.

Geechee Boy said...

This drawing makes me want to go sit in the shade of one of these beautiful old trees.

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