"Farmland by Angel Oak" An Oil Painting of Vanishing Rural Fields

"Farmland by Angel Oak"
Oil on canvas panel
Dimensions: 11" x 14"

This is a painting of farmland directly across the winding dirt road from the ancient Angel Oak.
The future of this and other farmland on rural John's Island, SC is of great concern due to encroaching development.
Recent plans to build 630 housing units on 42 acres surrounding the Angel Oak have residents concerned about the long term impact of this development on the rural environment of Johns Island and the magnificent Angel Oak tree.

Here is my plein air painting (painted on location) created during a "paint out" at Angel Oak Park.

"Misty Morning at Angel Oak"

Oil on panel

The developers will be presenting their latest plans for the Angel Oak Village Development to the Charleston Commercial Corridor Design Review Board this Thursday (6/ 25/09) at 5:00 in the 3ed Floor meeting room at 75 Calhoun St. Chas, SC.
Yesterdays editorial in the Post and Courier titled "Stay Vigilant for Angel Oak"advises "those who are interested in the long term well-being of the Angel Oak to get a close look at what developer Robert DeMoura now has in mind for the tract and let the board hear their thoughts." At issue are the architectural design plans and the development's density. The development also has not yet been awarded necessary environmental permits.
It's not too late to have a voice in this critical issue that affects not only the health of the irreplaceable National treasure "Angel Oak" but also the quality of life on rural Johns Island.
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Dave Linder said...

I really like the composition on this one - the light on those distant trees looks great!

Johns Island Old Timer said...

See you at the the CCC Design Review Board meeting Thursday.

Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

The raking light of the morning sun on the trees was a key element I was going for in this painting. Thanks for the positive feedback, Dave.

Glad to know you'll be at the meeting JIOT. I hope it gets the large turnout this issue deserves and that the Board makes a decision in the best interest of the community. We'll see....

Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

At the City of Charleston Commercial Corridor Design review Board meeting tonight, the board approved the developers plans to build 630 units on 42 acres adjacent to Angel Oak Park. The board recognized modifications to the original plan that included greater architectural diversity in the units and a reduction in impervious surfaces.

The CCCDR board has requested the developer to further address the height, massing, and "impact" of a large building backing up to Angel Oak Park, reduce roof size of several large three story buildings with steeply pitched roofs, and to create more "previous"(porous)surfaces along the sites wetlands and wooded area.

June 26, 2009

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